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About Tehranmt.com

Tehranmt.com accompanies you for any medical action in Tehran


For other medical actions than common cold which can be cured with zinc according to the latest research, you can refer to tehranmt.com.
Tehranmt.com is a Medical Tourism complex which invites you to use Iranian physicians and super specialty hospitals in Tehran with 18 specialty and super specialty hospitals and more than 80 famous specialists.
Your therapeutic trip with tehranmt.com starts when you seek help from us. We as an honest consultant introduce our specialists and therapeutic centers of Tehran and let you know what examinations or treatments you need and evaluate its expenses for you and announce them to you. We respect for your decision and accompany you since you come to Iran.
The first meeting is in IKA Imam Khomeini International Airport. We welcome you and escort you to the hotel which we have reserved for you. At that moment, you will have translator and 24 hour support of tehranmt.com.
Before you come in, necessary coordination has been made with the physician. We go to the physicians.
We also walk for pleasure in Tehran at the determined times and your leisure time.
We are beside you to make your decision and perform your medical reception stages in the medical center. After any medical action, we are the first ones who visit you. We are beside you to pass your medical treatment period. During this period, tehranmt.com is the one which visits you frequently.
Since you decide to return to your city, necessary arrangement will be made and we accompany you until flight but this is not the end of your travel for us. We accompany you until you recover and your medical action gets result. Once your treatment is completed and you are satisfied with your travel, one of our missions will be ended.


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