Liposuction cost in Iran


If you still have questions about liposuction, we recommend you read our previous article here. But if you are up to speed on this surgery then we offer you to undergo this procedure in Iran, and we’ll tell you why.
Reasons for having liposuction in Iran:
1- Highly experienced Iranian surgical specialists
If this surgery is performed by an unqualified and inexperienced physician, the procedure becomes too risky, and it could even cost the patient their lives. But liposuction in Iran is done by specialist surgeons who have more than 5,000 successful liposuction practices.
2- Liposuction cost in Iran
Iran is one of the cheapest countries in the world. Each US dollar is 12,000 Tomans (Iran’s currencies) and it is interesting to know that the monthly salary of a full-time job in Iran is less than $ 100! Accordingly, the cosmetic surgery price in Iran is much lower than in all countries in the world, like other prices in Iran.
We hope that this fact won’t make you think that the services you receive in Iran are of poor quality. In contrast, most of the hospitals we offer are equipped with the latest medical equipment and their services are nearly the same as a 5-star hotel.
3- Modern hospital equipment
As you know, liposuction has several techniques, each of which requires its own equipment. Here in Iran, you have all the said equipment with the highest global standards so you can achieve the best possible results.
4- Tourist attractions in Iran
Probably every Iranian’s preconception is based on the law of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, thinking that the rest of the world is more spectacular than Iran. Hope you also think the same about Iran. Iran has many attractions and of course, we’ll be welcoming you in Tehran Iran’s capital.
5- services
If you choose one of Liposuction Packages which is 1800 USD, not only have you paid the liposuction cost, you’ve also paid for the airport pick-up, pre-op tests, hospital, interpreter, post-op care and Tehran tour.
Also, if you are a candidate for combining liposuction surgery with a tummy tuck, you can choose the abdominoplasty package plus liposuction that will cost you 3500 USD, all the services above included.

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