Tummy Tuck


What is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a really effective surgery for restoring the shape and natural form of skin and muscles in the abdomen. Unfortunately, in many cases, abdominal skin doesn’t return to its former and normal shape and remains droopy and loose after a fast weight loss or giving birth. Also abdominal muscles become weaker and this causes abdominal separation (separation between the left and right muscles in the abdomen) which results in abdominal swelling.
Although your abdomen may have gotten smaller after giving birth, diet or even bariatric surgery, it hasn’t gone back to normal and has become loose and sagging because your skin has lost elasticity due to aging, heredity or fast weight loss. Stomach muscles have been weakened and damaged and separated from each other due to obesity and diet. Through tummy tuck surgery there will be no signs of saggy and flabby skin, stomach muscles will come together and abdominal wall muscles will become stronger.

Abdominoplasty FAQ

How long is an abdominoplasty recovery period?

It varies between cases based on the type of the surgery. An abdominoplasty recovery, in most cases, takes 2-3 weeks and most of the patients can begin progressing toward normal activity, although it is often recommended to avoid heavy activities for about 4-6 weeks.