How much does a tummy tuck cost?

These factors determine the cost of a tummy tuck:
The fact that in what part of the world you are going to have your tummy tuck surgery done, is one of the most important factors to determining the cost.
2-Types of tummy tuck
The type of tummy tuck surgery that you’re willing to get directly affects the price. For instance, the cost of mini tummy tuck is much lower than a full abdominoplasty.
3-The hospital and the specialist
Will the surgery be performed by a highly experienced and skillful surgeon whom tummy tuck before & after photos you’ve seen?
Has your surgeon chosen the operating room of a well-equipped hospital for your surgery?
The impact that a doctor’s reputation has on increasing the success rate of a procedure, does the same thing to the price. The final cost increases, depending on the facilities and modern equipment of the hospital and hospitalization before and after the surgery.
Conclusion: The cost of tummy tuck in most countries starts with 4000 USD but the price and other related matters are different in Iran. For more information read Cost of tummy tuck in Iran.