Breast Augmentation

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation or boob job or augmentation mammoplasty are all the names for a cosmetic surgery by which a surgeon can increase the size and volume of breasts using breast implants and this brings about a better balance between the body and breasts. And also saggy and asymmetric breasts are more likely to be treated and will get a new and beautiful shape through this procedure.
It’s been years that breast augmentation has become the most common cosmetic surgery among women. In 2017, about half of American women who underwent breast implant surgery were between 19 and 34 and only 13% of them were over 50. So there is no need to wait for a certain age. To achieve your desired size, volume and shape you can have breast augmentation.

Although there is a long list of female celebrities who, as we all know and have seen in photos, have undergone breast augmentation and also, well probably travel by plane! An airline spread some news a while ago about breast implant and its possible dangers during flights and used this situation to make it among top stories. Women were still worrying about breast implant until the summer of this year (2018) Paige VanZant, who is one of the most famous American female fighters and a model for Nike and Columbia Sportswear, did a boob job, “I’m a girl and always wanted my own boobs. They never came so I bought them” she said.
The news of a 24-year-old female fighter, with a history of near-arm-breaking injury, who underwent breast augmentation surgery, raised a question among women and it was, why other women shouldn’t go through this procedure while she did and is still fighting in the Octagon with breast implants?

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