Nose Job


We have no idea about the exact history of nose job , but we can guess that the first nose job surgeon was a woodpecker, which was ordered by Blue Fairy to cut Pinocchio’s nose. However, most of us have not told a lie but we need nose job, which is also called rhinoplasty to have better appearance and even breathe easier.
Nose job is a common surgery for improving shape, size and structure of nose. During this surgery, the surgeon modifies the length, width and form of nose in a way that adds to the beauty of your face and also makes you breath easier if you have breathing problem for any reason.






Open Method & Close Method

Surgical & Non-Surgical



How do you know it? Are you foreteller?
No, I am plastic surgeon. I understood it from your face.
When we sit in front of each other, only our lips don’t speak but 43 muscles and may lines on our face start giving information about many things to the opposite person like an open book. Imagine that if each of these muscles and facial lines exaggerate or tell a lie about our age and conduct, what does the addressee think about our character? accompanies us until reaching more beautiful and impressive face with skilled physicians and different surgical or non-surgical techniques.


Cheek Augmentation



Eye lift

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Forehead lift


Brow lift

 Browpexi and Endoscopic Brow Lift

Neck lift

Lower Rhytidectomy





Forehead Reshaping

 Contouring and Reduction

Jawline Augmentation

Mandibular Angle Augmentation

Chin Augmentation


Lip Augmentation





Buccal Lipectomy

Buccal Fat Pad Removal


Earlob Reduction


Double Chin

Turkey neck


Neck Liposuction



Ear correction surgery



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