How is the facelift surgery



Rhytidectomy or facelift is done by general or local anesthesia depending on the area and type of surgery. First, the surgeon begins the procedure by incising the skin in front and back of the ear near the temple which depending on the extent and type of surgery it may be small, big or extended or in some cases in the zygomatic arch. Generally, after separating the skin from tissues, the surgeon tries moving, strengthening and tightening said tissues beneath the skin and in doing so, s/he might remove, sculpt or redistribute the fat and tissues. Also deeper layers of the tissues and facial muscles are moved to a better position if needed.
In some types of rhytidectomy surgeries, the surgeon may make further incisions in the chin or around the neck (for extracting fat). Usually, a huge part of scars is invisible in men’s sideburns and in women’s temple hair. No need to worry and scars that aren’t invisible in hairline will disappear after six months at the most.
In the end, the skin is pulled and if need be, its excess parts are removed and when it’s in a new position, the wound is closed. Depending on your Surgeon’s diagnosis drain (tubes) might be put in for you and will be taken out after one or two days. And now there are absolutely no signs of loose skin and muscles, deep wrinkles and lines, and you look brighter, younger and more energetic.
Usually, facelift takes 2 to 5 hours. Local anesthesia is used for the lighter types of this surgery which take less than two hours and general anesthesia for the longer type of this surgery that takes almost 5 hours.

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