Neck lift (lower rhytidectomy)

Neck lift (lower rhytidectomy)

As people’s necks differ, the definition of the neck lift and how it’s done can also be different. But if we want to explain it in general, it’s a type of cosmetic surgery in the neck, with which the surgeon can make the skin and muscles of the neck look young again.
Aging, high muscle contraction of the neck (Platysma), sunlight, diet, and of course, Earth’s gravitational pull (wish we at least lived on the moon!), all make the neck lose its beauty as we age and keep in mind that the neck is the most visible evidence of age after the face in any person.

You can see the passage of time and oldness in the vertical and horizontal lines (Neck bands), deep wrinkles and saggy skin of the neck of the people who are not overweight, and in relatively obese people aside from the aforementioned features, you can see a big double chin, horizontal lines caused by the accumulation of fat layers and loss of the lower jawline. All of the above can be treated with different methods of lifting, which will make your neck look significantly, much younger just like your age.
Of course the people mentioned above are NOT the only candidates for a neck lift. Even those who, due to sudden weight loss, have saggy and loose skin around the neck are a candidate for this cosmetic surgery.
As you can see in the picture below the neck muscles, called platysma, extend from lateral lower jaw to the upper chest. Each of us use these muscles in their contracted form for hours every day, and this causes the neck to be stretched like a rubber band, and the neck skin and areas around the lower lip included. Over time, this stretched skin sags and causes deep wrinkles in the neck area and lower part of the face. The surgery in which the skin and the muscles of the lower face and neck are tightened by the surgeon, is called neck lift or lower rhytidectomy. But if the fat in our diet is more than what we need, one of the places wherein fat is quickly accumulated, is the neck. Like a turkey, we’ll have a turkey wattle, our necks widen and mask the lower jawline. At this point the surgeon should combine neck lift surgery with a neck liposuction.

neck lift

In fact, if your neck is rejuvenated and reshaped again with a necklift, a Cervicoplasty has been performed, which may or may not include Platysmaplasty (working on the neck muscles), depending on the condition of the patient’s neck. As can be seen above, platysma is one of the factors of causing neck wrinkles and rope lines. Therefore, sometimes the surgeon may simply extract the fat and tighten the neck muscles, depending on the age and condition of the neck. In that case, we just call this procedure platysmaplasty, which is part of a neck lift.

Exactly due to the above, even the size of the incision and the efforts put in for each patient’s neck during a neck lift are different. But generally, the surgery begins with an incision made in front or back of the ear and extends a little. Usually, if the work to be done on the face is a lot, the incision starts from the temple, circles around the ear and reaches its back and this, is called lower rhytidectomy, but if the amount of work to be done on the facial skin is not that much, and most of the surgeon’s focus is on the neck, the incision is made in back of the ear. If it’s necessary the surgeon extract the fat, s/he has to make very small Incisions in the lower jaw. But in any case, the wounds are not serious, and they usually heal quickly and disappear.
For the reasons mentioned above, it can be said that neck lift is sometimes performed using local anesthesia, and sometimes general anesthesia, and the surgery takes 2-4 hours. During this procedure, the surgeon makes incisions after giving anesthesia, and then separates the skin from the tissue and removes the extra parts, keeps tightening the underlying layers as much as is needed and finally puts the edges of the skin together and closes the wound by adhesive and sutures.
In order to achieve better results after the surgery, the surgeon may recommend you wear a neck garment for a couple of days. Usually the bruises will be gone within two weeks, but the swelling disappears in the first two days. The result of a neck lift is getting a fat and deep-wrinkles-free neck so that your lower jaw is completely visible and finally looking 10-15 years younger than before. Know this, that no cosmetic surgery will ever stop the passage of time, it just reverse it for a few years.
You can find out more about neck lift cost and factors affecting it in here.

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