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Hair transplant in Iran without the hiccups!

Hair transplant in Iran is done using new techniques and methods that wouldn’t give you the hiccups! Just kidding. You don’t need to worry about the hiccups after the procedure. Medical reports show that only 1% of the people having gone through the procedure, temporary experiencing hiccups which lasts just for a few days. In fact it’s one of the rarest side effects there are to hair transplant.
Hair transplant in Iran is done by Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Based on your condition your doctor might choose one of the two or a combination of both. It’s worth to mention Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the latest methods of hair transplant in the world and is performed by highly experienced specialists in Iran.
But why does recommend you to have hair transplant in Iran? In order to get the best possible result out of the new methods of Hair transplant in Iran, highly experienced specialists and up-to-date and well-equipped centers are required. It’s the availability of these specialists and centers that makes us invite you to Iran, spending the shortest period of time “ hair transplant in 1 session”, besides visiting tourist attractions in Iran, go through the procedure and then return to your country.
Of course this isn’t the only reason people from different countries find hair transplant in Iran so interesting. The low value of Iran’s currency, each unit is one thousandth of a US dollar, has made Iran one of the cheapest countries in the world; ergo, cosmetic surgeries and hair transplant in Iran are cheaper as well (less than 1000 USD). For more information about this package including free accommodation, check out Medical Packages page on