How to start Journey


Visit our website

  1. Visit and gather information as much as you need on different procedures



Contact our consultants

  1. Contact us using Facebook, E-mail, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Inquiry form and Online chat for more information and/or details regarding your condition.
  2. Send us your test results: In order to estimate the needed time for your stay and the costs and for the doctor to know exactly what your problem is and how to best deal with it, your test results need to be sent to us.

Prepare to travel

  1. Let us know of the schedule: Get a ticket and a visa and inform us of the day of your flight and your arrival.
  2. Make an appointment: A week before the surgery we need to make an appointment for you, so pick your preferred date.
  3. Book accommodations: Before the travel you can book the accommodations you want.

Arrival in Iran

  1. Welcome at the airport: will welcome you at the airport and from that moment on you will have a 24-hour interpreter and attendant with you.
  2. Airport transfer: You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel.


  1. The First doctor visit and preoperative procedures: At this time, you’ll be visited by your doctor for the first time and they’ll inform you of every detail regarding your surgery, and all the necessary medical imaging and tests will be performed.
  2. Hospital: After taking all the necessary steps you will go to the hospital and do the surgery.


  1. Post-operation: We will be the first one to visit you after the procedure and when it is physically possible for you, we will go to your doctor for the final visit and consultation.
  2. Iran tour (if interested): Visit Iran’s most-visited tourist attraction.

Return Home

  1. Follow-up care: Receive follow-up care after the surgery.
  2. Through us, be in touch with your doctor: Even when you leave the country you can still consult with us and know what to do if something goes wrong.

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