Nose Job


We have no idea about the exact history of nose job , but we can guess that the first nose job surgeon was a woodpecker, which was ordered by Blue Fairy to cut Pinocchio’s nose. However, most of us have not told a lie but we need nose job, which is also called rhinoplasty to have better appearance and even breathe easier.
Nose job is a common surgery for improving shape, size and structure of nose. During this surgery, the surgeon modifies the length, width and form of nose in a way that adds to the beauty of your face and also makes you breath easier if you have breathing problem for any reason.






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Infertility Treatments


Perhaps it takes days, weeks or years to think and investigate that a couple decides to give birth to a child and prepare themselves for assuming permanent responsibilities of a child.
After making such difficult and important decisions in life, there needs long way to add a healthy child to the family. In fact, marital relation without contraceptive methods by itself doesn’t guarantee your childbirth time. A couple may not get result after one year of using childbearing methods but if this takes more than 1 year , both woman and man should undergo accurate medical examination considering how long this couple has tried and how old they are to specific what factor led to infertility.
Today, assisted reproductive technology (ART) has progressed to such extent that all couples can give birth to child with different techniques while it is important to know what requirement or preferences you have to determine what technique you can use for childbearing. with skilled medical team and laboratory and medical equipment can help you understand what is barrier of childbearing. Then, you can cure it and reach the child you want. In this way, you can also determine sex of your child in addition to healthy embryo.

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