Surgical & Non-Surgical

Infertility Treatments


Days, weeks and even years of considerations and consulting are needed for a couple to decide to have a kid and prepare themselves for a permanent responsibility for a child.
After making this hard and important decision, there is a long way to welcome a healthy child to the family. Actually, having unprotected intercourse does not guarantee pregnancy all by itself. Even a year of trying to have kids could be ineffective, but if it takes more than a year, considering the couple’s age and the time they tried haven’t led to pregnancy yet, it’s needed that both of them go for medical examinations so they could know what is wrong.
Today, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is so advanced that with different techniques, it can give the couples the chance of having children. The requirements and preferences you have for having a baby, are of great importance in choosing the type of treatment for conception. with highly-experienced physicians and a variety of medical facilities can help you first realize what’s blocking your way from having a healthy child, and then treat it and have the baby you have always wished. As you go, you may have the chance to determine the gender of the baby.