How much does rhinoplasty cost in Iran ?

Rhinoplasty cost is highly affected by geographical conditions. If this surgery is less expensive in a part of the world, it does not mean that there are fewer facilities for it but different factors such as currency value of the countries determine these costs.
Specifically, rhinoplasty in Iran is less expensive than any part of the world due to currency value of Iran which is approximately 0.00005 of USD value. In addition, as you know, Iran has been proclaimed frequently by credible publications as the global capital of rhinoplasty considering the announced statistics of some sources such as (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). These sources also mention skill and facilities of Iran for nose job. invites you to undergo rhinoplasty in Tehran (capital of Iran) starting with 1400 USD and can reach at maximum 2850 USD dependent on the selected physician, surgery technique, place of operation and costs of different anesthesia.
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