Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran is very common and has a long history. The large number of specialists in this field in Iran and many candidates seeking this cosmetic surgery are the reasons that made Iran, the capital of nose job in the world. Lack of interest among Iranians in their natural and birth nose forms on the one hand and tendency toward European nose forms on the other, have made having a nose job in Iran a low risk surgery.
Due to the price of rhinoplasty in Iran, understandably, plenty of nose job candidates from across the world travel to Iran but if the quality of this surgery in Iran were poor there would be a decline in the number of procedures every year. But the rising number of people with different nationalities shows international satisfaction from Iranian specialist surgeons. The reputation of some of these surgeons has led some candidates to choose which surgeon they are willing to have rhinoplasty with, before they even travel to Iran.
Keep in mind that Iran is the cheapest country in the world, so the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is as cheap. 1 dollar equals 15000 Tomans (Iran’s currency). To put it simply, with 10 dollars you can order one of the most expensive steaks with the highest quality in Tehran (Iran’s capital). There is a picture of that steak here, so that you can ask TehranMT.com to take you there when you come to Iran!

T-bone Steak (We usually prefer WELL DONE in Iran).

Rhinoplasty in Iran is done with around 1400 USD. We at TehranMT.com invite you to choose and buy one of the nose job packages with surgery in a modern hospital by a skilled subspecialist doctor with a successful background, we also offer you other free services such as interpreter, city and airport transfer and a 10-day stay in a hotel.


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