Rhinoplasty Recovery

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Recovery

Dos and don’ts after nose surgery

After your nose surgery you will probably start thinking with what diet and avoiding what things you can improve the results of the procedure. The fact is that external or internal pressure on the nose, anything that exacerbates bleeding or swelling is harmful and you need to avoid things that ruin your primary dressing.
Post-op care usually lasts for up to 3 weeks, after which you can return to your daily activities. Some care is only necessary for the first few hours, some for the first week and some, for weeks. Although your doctor will inform you about the care depending on the type of the surgery and your bandage, we have included some general points about rhinoplasty post-operative care:
1-Upon use of general anesthetic, you may sometimes feel dizzy after you wake up. Be careful and ask for help from others.
2-After becoming conscious (given general anesthetic was used) you may feel nauseous for a few hours. To prevent vomiting, you can avoid eating and drinking for 3-4 hours after the surgery.
3-Try your first meal to be something that easy to swallow, like soft soup. (Ready-to-eat soup) and with that you can also drink juice (it’s better not to drink with a straw).
4-Depending on the type of surgery, tampons may be put in your nose, and they are removed usually after a day from surgery.
5-During the first days of resting after surgery, keep your head elevated and lie on your back (supine).
6-Masticating things that are hard and foods that are not easy to digest, especially during the first hours, are forbidden because they are hard to defecate.
7-Salty foods can increase blood pressure and bleeding, it is better for you to avoid salty, canned and ready-to-eat foods.
8-For three days after the surgery, bruises spread on different parts of the face and around the eyes, which is normal and begin to go away after a week and completely disappear within 20 days.
9-Avoid big laughter and prolonged talking because they can have unpleasant effects.
10-When brushing your teeth, especially ones in the upper jaw, wash them gently and keep an eye on the movement of your upper lip.
11-Wear shirts and front-open clothes so you wouldn’t need to take them off over your head.
12-Avoid blowing or inflating your nose for at least a week.
13-You need to refrain from heavy exercising for at least three weeks after the surgery, as it can cause hemorrhaging.
14-While in the bath, especially during the first days when your nose is dressed (nose splint must not get wet), you can run a bath instead of taking a shower, so that your nasal dressing won’t get wet or use hair washing sink so that water won’t run on your face.
15-Avoid wearing glasses for up to 4 weeks after the procedure, and if you have to, either wear lens or use a device that helps put the pressure of glasses on the forehead and have no contact with the nose whatsoever.
16-Exposing yourself to sunlight may cause swelling or multi-coloration of nasal skin. It is recommended that you not expose yourself to sunlight during the first days and wear a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 in the days to come.
17-Do not stop your sneeze by closing your mouth.
18-No flights for up to 6 days after the nose surgery.
19-Intense sexual and non-sexual excitement can lead to bleeding by increasing your blood pressure, it’s best to avoid extreme excitement for at least a week.

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