Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Recovery

You may feel after nose job that you can contribute to the operation’s result by using diets and preventing some behaviors. The fact is that you should avoid the external or internal pressure over nose, anything which intensifies bleeding or swelling and the factors which remove your necessary and primary dressings as the harmful factors.
General post-surgery cares usually continue for 3 weeks and then you can start your routine activities completely. Some cares are necessary only in the early hours, some of them are necessary in the first week and some others are necessary for some weeks. Although your physician will inform you of these cares, dependent on the type of surgery and your bandage, below are some general notes about the post-surgery cares:

1-In case of using general anesthesia, when you come round, you may sometimes feel dizzy. Be careful and get help from others.
2-After coming round (in case of using general anesthesia), you may vomit for some hours. In order not to vomit, you should avoid eating and drinking for 3-4 hours after surgery.
3-The first meal should contain the ingredients that can be easily chewable, for example, smooth soup. (Not ready-made soup ) and you can also drink natural fruit juices (it is better not to drink with straw).
4-A tampon may be inserted in your nose dependent on the type of surgery. Tampons are usually extracted from the nose one day after the surgery.
5-When you take a primary rest after surgery, keep your head up and lie horizontally with the face and torso facing up (supine position).
6-Avoid eating chewable tough food particularly in the early hours and do not eat indigestible food that may be excreted with difficulty.
7-Salty foods may increase your blood pressure and cause bleeding. Avoid eating salty, canned and ready-made foods.
8-Until 3 days after surgery, colorful bruises in different parts of the face and around the eyes will increase, which is normal and they will start fading within one week and will disappear completely in 20 days.
9-Avoid laughing hard and talking so much for a long time because it can leave undesirable effects.
10-When you brush your teeth, gently wash your teeth especially the upper row of your teeth and be careful not to shake your upper lip.
11-Wear blouse with button not to take it off on top of your head.
12-Avoid blowing your nose at least for 1 week.
13-Avoid doing heavy physical exercise for three weeks after nose job because it may cause bleeding.
14- When you take a bath particularly in the early days when you have recently bandaged your nose (your nose splint should not get wet), you can immerse in water (using bathtub) instead of showering to prevent your nose bandage from getting wet or use special backwash shampoo bowls not to pour water on your face.
15- Avoid wearing glasses for 4 weeks after nose job and if you have to wear glasses, use lenses or use the accessory tools which prevent the glasses from touching the nose by placing it on the forehead.
16- Staying under the sunlight may cause swelling or having different colors on your nose skin. You are recommended not to stay under sunlight in the early days of nose job and then use sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF.
17- Don’t stop a sneeze by closing your mouth and let it take out of your mouth.
18- Don’t travel by air 6 days after surgery.
19- Intense sexual and non-sexual excitement may cause bleeding by increasing blood pressure. Avoid intense excitement at least for 1 week.


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