Nose Job


We have no idea about the exact history of nose job , but we can guess that the first nose job surgeon was a woodpecker, which was ordered by Blue Fairy to cut Pinocchio’s nose. However, most of us have not told a lie but we need nose job, which is also called rhinoplasty to have better appearance and even breathe easier.
Nose job is a common surgery for improving shape, size and structure of nose. During this surgery, the surgeon modifies the length, width and form of nose in a way that adds to the beauty of your face and also makes you breath easier if you have breathing problem for any reason.






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Although the number of patients and eve diseases increase every day, fortunately, the presence of skilled physicians besides the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and the equipped hospitals led to increase in treatments based on increase of diseases. This is the progressive treatment of minor diseases to major problems which couldn’t be cured with the medicine before.

We believe that complete treatment will be possible with reliance on correct diagnosis by the skilled and experienced physicians and with modern medical facilities. On this basis, you can enjoy advice and knowledge of in medical science branches including internal medicine, cardiovascular system, orthopedics, general surgery, otorhinolaryngology, glands, urology, Gynecology and obstetrics.

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